Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sex and The City Makes Me SO Happy

So I think that it is definatley safe to say that I have a obsession with Sex and The City! I love the clever writing and quirky charcters. No show makes me want to go to New York more than Sex and The City! They even have Sex and The City tours in NYC!This show is responsible for popularizing many things that are well known and well loved today, like the nameplate necklace, Manolo Blahnik (just because you can't afford somthing doesn't mean that you can't love it) and they ever-popular comopoltans.So cherished by the multitudes, and also missed after it went off the air in 2004, Sex and The City has even become a movie!So if you love Sex and The City and you love planning parties as much as I do, then combine these two great loves and have the girls over for a viewing party! Just don't forget the cosmopolitans!