Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What ever happened to all of the great party shows?

I used to watch these fantastic and inspiring party planning shows on TV. The episodes used really pile up on the old Tivo. Anyways, the shows I was obsessed with were "Party Planner with David Tutera " Party Girl" hosted by Cathy Riva ( posted a favorite episode from her show, check it out HERE ) and my favorite "The Big Party Plan Off". I miss them! There was also a show called "Top This Party" that would be on at really random times, that I didn't like as much but, without any other party TV to watch had to do. Did anyone happen to catch the one and only season of "Party Monsters: Cabo" on E ? Why are these shows not catching on? Isn't anyone else amused and obsessed like I am with entertaining and party planning??

Please let me know if there are any new entertaining shows out there. (other than MILLIONS of wedding shows)

Black, white, and hot pink party!

I have recently developed an interest in finding all the inspiration I can for bachelorette parties! I have been researching activity ideas, decorations, and scouring the internet for the best decor ideas out there! Here is one of my favorites! These are photos from Kim at Head of the Table , a company that rents every type of dish you could dream of for any party that catched your fancy! More inspirations can be found at!
Kim believes that "when you set the table, you set the mood." I just love the combination of hot pink and the damask-like pattern. According to Kim, the pink base says, "let's have some fun!" while the pattern and hydrangeas say " this is a classy and chic soiree"
All the tableware shown is available to rent at Head of the table
Check out this creative and budget conscious party decoration! She used led pink and white led lights to add some ambiance. Swirls printed on regular computer paper were wrapped in a cylinder around the lights and topped with ribbon to finish off the look. What a fabulous idea!

My dog Daisy makes me happy

Daisy in my lap on the way to the park.
Dressed like a hot dog for Halloween
Asleep in my mom's lap (this one is my favorite)
It has been requested to me that I show off some pictures of my Daisy. Here she is! All wrapped up in cuteness! Daisy is a red miniature dachshund. She enjoys long walks around the neighborhood and would much rather prefer to NOT take baths . Who wouldn't want to throw a party for this little munchkin??