Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cute little Pony Party by Rachel Denbow!

By Golly! She's done it again! Rachel Denbow has got the best taste! Her style is so vintage and whimsical....you can see that from the way she dresses, in her home furnishings, and even in her party planning!
I give you....the Pony Party!

She made this sweet little bib out of a vintage doliy for the sweet little birthday girl, her daughter Ruby. (who turned two!)
Mother and daughter at the beautiful vintage pony party!
Oh I LOVE these pretty felt ribbons! So inspiring, I think I'll make a few myself!

Such a simple food table setup, but the colors are lovely and I love the horses. (which were Rachel's when she was little) I love that she was able to use something that she had herself as a young girl for her daughter's party!

Here's the beautiful bib post-party! A little worse for the wear but it did it's job!
The cupcakes did look delicious, and I think Ruby liked them too!

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