Friday, November 28, 2008

It's Black Friday once Again

Black Friday is upon us once again, so I hope everyone went out this morning before the sun even bothered to come up and waited in line for hours just to get that perfect gift for someone special (or yourself) for just the right price. Today can be the scariest day of the year if you are persuing a "hot item" like a TV or prepared to FIGHT for it. A few years back, I actually saw someone get tazed because a fight errupted in Walmart over an Xbox that had been marked down by $100.00. Many people now go out on the hunt simply because of tradition, even if you aren't looking for one of those previously described "hot items" , you can still score some cheap DVDs and some awesome people watching!So if you are up to it, head out to the stores, scoop up some good deals, and maybe even start a new tradition!