Friday, January 22, 2010

Almost time to party Dunder Mifflin style!

Matt's Office party is this Friday and preparations are in full swing! I've been cleaning, shopping for supplies , and double checking my list! This should be a pretty casual gathering so I only sent out paper invitations to a few people and the rest received e-mail invites. The main part of the invitation is a memo sheet from a notepad that I got in the dollar section at Target. I just used scotch tape to attach the memo sheet to card stock. They turned out just the way I wanted, as if Michael Scott had made them himself!

Here's the mood board I whipped together to keep me on track as far as colors and what not. I did manage to get my hands on a water cooler from a thrift store, which is exciting! you just can't have an Office party without a water cooler!
Party Pictures soon to come!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

2 Lovely baby Showers

I came across these two absolutely lovely baby showers while reading A Beautiful Mess. They were hosted by Elsie the author of the blog. I couldn't help but share these adorable celebrations with you! Take a look, I hope oyu love the details as much as I did!
I love these handmade invitations so much!

Tons of craft supplies were laid out along with plain white onesies, and guests were invited to create a wardrobe for baby Ruby.

Cute cupcakes with fun handmade toppers!
This party area is beyond lovely!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bella Bash Boutique

Have you ever started planning a birthday party or a bridal shower and realized that most party wares that are available in stores have been used to death, or that you have far less time to bring the whole thing together than you thought, making it much harder to create one of a kind hand crafted decor? I have your fix for this problem! Introducing Hello Bella Boutique! Jennifer Opsahl of Hello Bella Events has an etsy shop called Bella Bash Boutique with three adorable printable partyware collections.

Here's the low-down on what a printable party is. You purchase a party from Bella Bash Boutique, decide if you want it customized with a monogram, and then wait. For customized parties, will will receive and email within 48 hours. ( For non-custom parties it's just 24 hours) The email will contain all of the pdf files you need to print off your party. You can either print at home or email the files to your local print shop. Once you print as many copies as you need, just cut, assemble , and party!

Here are three parties from her Premiere Collection:
Classic Bridal Shower (simple designs are inspired by the elegance of traditional wedding stationary)
Western Baby Shower
(you can also print these for a bridal shower)
Vintage Silhouette Party
(Perfect for a shower birthday)

All printable party collections come with:
-invitations and envelopes
-cupcake wraps and pick toppers
-napkin wraps
-candle wraps
-gift tags/place cards/labels
-favor boxes/bags
-gift log etc.....

You can see more creations and get awesome tips at the Hello Bella Events Blog!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Marie Antoinette Party!

I recently went to/ helped organize a Marie Antoinette party fro my friend Andrea. We were inspired mostly by the Sophia Copola movie, which is a feist for the eyes, full of color and fancy.
Here are some photos from the evening. Enjoy!
Here's the lovely birthday girl Andrea!
covered lollipops sat in a suit case with purple satin lining
We set up an area for people guests to adorn themselves for the party.

A simple Ikea fixture what made fanciful with lots of bright ribbons!

A very important element for an event like this...the food!

It was an amazing evening!

The Office Party Plans

I am FINALLY throwing Matt's Office party! It's at the end of the month, and I am so excited! I have been developing plans for this party for a while now and it should be pretty quick and cheap to put it all together. I have been doing a lot of "research" for this party ( you know sitting in front of the tv watching The Office, hard research). So far I have pulled together a menu and a very simple list of decorations. Oh my! I feel like the head of the party planning commitee!

On the menu so far:
-soft pretzels (pretzel day!)
-mixed berry yogurt ad french onion sunchips (Pam's favorite)
-deviled eggs
-cheesy pitas
-margaritas (ala a margarita karaoke Christmas)
-and of course coffee (the great incentivizer of the office)

The decorations will be simple. Balloons, streamers, and party hats will do the trick!
Does anyone have any tricks for putting a stapler into jello?