Wednesday, December 2, 2009

PartyParty Collection at Urban Outfitters.... amazing!   I'm just sayin'. Confettisystem has dreamed up this shimmering collection of home decorations and party favors.Garlands, ornaments, pinatas,party hats, and (of course) confetti have simple construction,  light-hearted intentions, and are absolutely dripping with whimsy!This collection is only available at Urban Outfitters, so get some soon and have yourself a PartyParty! 
Lay these lovely ornaments on a table, hang them , or add them to an arrangement for added charm to any party.

I LOVE these pinatas! I have been wanting to have a pinata at a party for a while now. I love those throw-backs to childhood. Things that make you feel like a grown-up kid. Those are that kind of things that are relaxing to me.  
This banner garland is certainly a nod to a classic, I like how there is paper fringe still but there is a twist with the added metalic.
I don't know what kind of parties you all went to when you were younger, but I don't remember party hats ever looking this cute!
Of course confetti is a part of the collection! With a name like Confettisystem how could it not be?
This garland is most certainly my favorite of the collection. I love when pretty things are sort of tattered. A garland of tassels, and curls, and fringe....oh my!
i am so inspired by the look of all these pieces. I could envision an entire party around this!I would also like to try and create my own fringey garlands and such! ....Maybe soon!
I hope you all fell in love as much as I did!