Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Bridal Shower to Plan!

My brother just got engaged and I am in the process of planning a bridal shower with my mom. Jenny (the bride) is not super duper girly, but she has said that she wants something elegant for her wedding with a little bit of "beach chic" so that is what I am thinking for the shower too. However I was thinking instead of the usual "beach" ideas, I might just allow myself to be inspired by the idea of sunshine. I'm thinking of a sunny, whimsical celebration!Here are some things that are inspiring me so far for this party.
Ideas for the menu so far include:
-mini smoothies (like the ones pictured above)
-yogurt parfaits
-spiked lemonade
I would also like to find some more foods that would be good to serve at a venue, we want to make the food ourselves but we want the foods to be fairly self sustaining for the afternoon since we aren't sure if we will have access to ovens or fridges. If you have any ideas for me then please share!
I also think that presentation is very important in making the foods you are serving appealing. Even if you are serving cheap, simple foods , you can present them in a way that makes people feel different about eating them. The food becomes a part of the party experience. I love the idea in the photo above, this simple glass of lemonade becomes so much more with the addition of the adorable ribbon adorned skewers!
As far as colors for this event...I am thinking that oranges, yellows, and pinks are the way I am going to go. Obviously the colors represent "sunshine" , and Jenny loves these bright and happy colors! 
I'll keep you posted as this party develops!