Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lego my birthday party!

I played with legos as a child and so did my brother....and so did every other child in America (probably). Although the world is no technology driven, with electronic learning games now available for 2 year olds, legos have maintained their popularity. This classic toy is a wonderful starting point for a child's birthday party, providing multiple vibrant colors and numerous activities.When you can turn these blocks into anything that your imagination creates...the party possibilities are endless!! Also I have noticed that legos are making their way into other markets besides just toys these days, with this knife, fork, and spoon set from Urban Outfitters you can eat with your legos too! I also found this awesome legos lamp online, lego ice cube trays, lego candies. Legos aren't just for kids either...this party could become and adult party with just a few twists, garnish cocktails ( or lego-tinis ! ) with lego figurines , fill vases with legos before you add the flowers for a fun touch....let your imagination run wild when you throw this block filled bash!!