Monday, March 29, 2010


Hello all! I want to share with some of the lovelies that I have picked up at thrift shops lately! Thrift stores are the bast places to find unique and interesting serving's a peak!

How cute are these strawberry canisters? All 3 for just $3!
One of my favorite things to find at thrift stores is fun glassware. I'm not one for having all of my dishes match perfectly, I just like them to not clash.I think all of these glasses cost me $2 all together...but the rose mug is my favorite right now.
I really want to start a fabulous mis-matched tea cup and saucer collection.I also want to pick up a lot of pastel water goblets to go along. One day....I would love to throw a tea party, you know just like the one's that you have when you are a little girl with lovely dresses and gloves.....only with delicious food instead of plastic scones !
This fun little container is so lovely. I have it in the bathroom right now but I feel like the possibilities are endless!
I will have more thrift updates later.
Stay tuned for a giveaway later in the week!