Friday, May 8, 2009

Recent Ikea Barigains!

Who loves Ikea?, me, me!!
* set of six glasses ($5.99)
* mini glass pitcher, perfect for mixing up some cocktails ($2.99)
*set of 5 white pop-up magazine files ($2.99)
*BIG BLUE BAG handy for carrying almost anything (.59)

Hooray for Ikea! I have a feeling that I am going to be spending ALOT of time there and finding  ALOT of bargains! Happy shopping!

Just Jenn's Virtual Baby Shower!

Check out this idea for a "virtual baby shower" created by Just Jenn, a creative graphic designer with great entertaining ideas and an amazing blog!She had a friend who lived far away and on bed-rest, and her friends were also scattered all over the country. A virtual baby shower was the perfect idea! She had her friend give her a list of 10 friends. She then sent them each a favor box, and then all the "virtual" party guests had to do was send mom-to-be a gift. I love her theory "Nothing is better than free crap in the mail!" The favor boxes had a pink and brown color scheme (she designed the swaddled baby graphic), and each included three cards that were kind of like the "shower games" , as well as a stamped and addressed envelope for the mommy, so that they could send their completed shower games. One card was a fill in the blank "when I'm pregnant I look forward to...." card, the second was a traditional "make all the baby names you can out of the parents' names" card, and finally a regular " advice" card  ( she wrote "get the epidural" as her bit of advice). What a great idea for a baby shower, bridal shower, or even a birthday party! is FULL of amazing ideas of all kinds....take a look!
"Shower" games
Favors and games all wrapped up and ready to go!