Thursday, August 14, 2008

These are adorable

I'm not exactly sure what party I would use these for but I know that I would get a TON of use out of them if only I had them!!

New From Urban Outfitters

Be a mad scientist and mix up your favorite cocktails as test tube shots! Great for a Halloween party!

What's Not To Love About Zooey Deschanel

Did someone say Quirky? That she is, the simply stunning Zoey Deschanel , known for films like "Elf", "Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy", "Failure To Launch" ( she was absolutley hysterical in this movie ), and my personal favorite "Almost Famous" is also known for her style. Often described as effortless quirky glam, her style is congruant with her choice in film roles, and her music selection. She is currently on tour around the US to promote her new album She and Him Volume One, this CD is nothing short of AMAZING. Her voice is so remanisent of Billie Holiday or Ella Fitzgerald , she wrote most of the songs herself with the exception of the few classics that they covered. The Cd is good to be happy to, good to be sad's just plain good. BUY IT!

Old School Parties - Party Number two

This party was a family event in honor of Katelyn's( KK ) 15th birhday. It was just a small gathering where the food was the main attraction.

The request of the birthday girl was bright this was certaintly no bland affair. We mostly just ate, drank and celebrated as a family. The birthday girl went home full from the icecream sundae bar, with a message board signed by all the guests, and roughly a million paper flowers ( Ok not a MILLION )

Old School Parties - Party Number One:

Here are a couple of the first parties that I ever planned. The budgets were small, and I had never designed an event before.Practice makes perfect right? Here they are: The old school parties

The first party is a Hannah Montana party that I threw for a little girl's 7th birthday.

There were about 12 little girls at this party and they all had alot of fun! We played " Pin the sunglasses on Hannah Montana" , "Rockstar disquise relay". They had a snack, colored Hannah Montana coloring pages , and sang karaoke in the "Backstage Lounge". The party also included "Rockstar makeovers" , the girls got their hair streaked, nails painted bright and funky colors, and sparkly makeup applied to their eyes, lips,and cheeks.