Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What's Not To Love About Ginnifer Goodwin?

Ginnifer Goodwin is a not-so-up-and-coming actress who is quickly making a name for herself by choosing to be a part of all the right projects. Some of my favorite appearances include her role as Vivian Liberto ( Johnny Cash's first wife) in Walk the Line, the quirky best friend in Win a Date With Tad Hamilton, and Margene the third wife in a polygamous family on the HBO original series Big Love. Her new movie "He's Just Not That into You" comes out this Friday, the movie is based on a book with the same title written by Greg Barrendt that explores the myths and confusions of modern-day-dating. Ginnifer Goodwin is not afraid to play a strong character, or to play a character who may seem a bit more vulnerable.....there's much more to come from this adorable actress...what's not to love?

Hot Pink and Lime Green Party!

I have recently been asked to plan a party for a girl named Naomi's 12th birthday. Planning parties for this age group is really fun because they are interested in having some more "grown-up" elements incorporated but are still young enough to appreciate all the bright and fun things that are oh so fresh and remind us all of youth! She absolutely knew what colors she wanted to use for her pink and lime green are kind of her signature colors so that was a natural direction to take the party in! Whenever I am beginning the planning process for any party I like to find lots of images that inspire me for that particular are some images that have inspired me for this get-together!