Monday, February 2, 2009

Mad Scientist Party Pictures!

They have arrived! Photos from the Mad Scientist party I designed! I hope that they inspire your own spooky celebration...enjoy!
I had to have a plasma ball for a mad party like this!
Test tube shots ( shown below ) were served out of a hand made holder to guests about 45 minutes into the party!
Jello syringes (below) were so yummy! These were served about 1 hour and a half into the party!
Styrofoam was used to create this " electric chair " in the party space!
The Bar!
Cocktails were served from beakers fit for any mad lab!
Orange and green skull candies fit in perfectly with the Mad Scientist theme!
I found the coolest skull punch bowl at Joann's  and I think it really added some spookiness to the event!
"Toxic Waste" cocktail with a plutonium rod (glow stick)
I set out bins for guests to get rid of their used cocktail continers!
Orange string light made even the bathroom creepy!