Tuesday, October 20, 2009

For The Birds Table Setting for Four

Here is a table setting I created the other night when we had some friends over for dinner and board games. The "table cloth" isn't really a table cloth at all, it's actually a bead spread from Urban Outfitters that I got for a cheap $10 about two years ago. In fact , I think that I have only ever used it as a table covering! I got the place mats from the Dollar Tree, and everything else is pretty much either from Ikea or from Target. ( Gotta love it!)
I wasn't really sure about the mix of plum in with the blue and the green, but I quite like how it turned out! 
There's nothing like going over to a friends house for a run of the mill dinner only to find a little fanciness ( is that a word? It is now!) injected into the everyday hum-drum of life! 
Why be plain? Insert some fun and mix it up!!