Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Swell Dressed Party

Hello all! I have just recieved MY very own copy of The Swell Dressed Party by Cynthia Rowley and Ilene Rosenzweig from! And get only cost me $4.00 including shipping! The introduction of this book compares hosting a party to performing a high wire act, stating that "A party at it's best is a place  to be a little larger than life-funnier , prettier, bawdier- and the Swell hostess at her best sets the stage for her guests to try a few high-wire moves of their own." This is a book that takes a more fun-loving approach to hosting a party. I've only gotten through the first chapter "Early Birding: breakfasts, brunches, and morning-afters" so far, and I am fascinated!

Some of my favorite ideas from this portion:

- "A Tasty Tag Sale" , where semi-homemade muffins are sold and items for sale are set up into several "boutiques" the goal of this tag sale is not only to sell your cast-offs but also to mix and mingle.

-A "Misery Loves Company" Hangover Brunch to be had in a "recovery room" set up with fuzzy slippers, fluffy blankets, ice packs, vitamin water, and of course Tylenol!

And my personal favorite so far:
- An "Animated Brunch" Saturday Morning Cartoon Brunch. For this party indulge in every childhood fantasy of loading up the shopping cart with every sugary sweet cereal you have ever craved, along with mini milk cartons, OJ served from cartoon tumblers, and a cereal toppings bar loaded with sliced strawberries and bananas, brown sugar, nuts ect...)

That's so Audrey!

Audrey we love you, and how you inspire us all. I don't know who the buyers are for , but they are definatley inspired by her too! Here are some items they have available for sale that remind if Miss Hepburn. Check em' out......they are so Audrey!
Now you can sleep like Holly Golightly with this sleep mask for $14!
Not even Audrey could resist these white sunglasses, and black and white trench-coat!