Friday, October 23, 2009

Recent Yard Sale Deals!

Oh yard sales, you are awesome! I spent $22 and got a lot of bang for my bucks!
Some of my treasures included a porcelain server with a lid and laddal, a retro fondue pot , two blue mason jars, and eight champagne glasses.
I got these four colorful margarita glasses for $1!
I also got three board games for just $2! Because no party girls entertaining supply is complete without some fun board games to break the ice!
I went yard saling with a friend and so I packed us a yard sale breakfast!
Here's what I packed:
-2 "yard sale sandwiches"
-two containers of chilled mandarine oranges
-iced coffee in a thermos
-and tater tots!

Peanut butter and marshmallow fluff cookie sandwiches!

These days I find myself short on spending money, so what should I do when a friends birthday comes up ? Well, I never tire of baking and cooking for loved ones. I really enjoy finding or created recipes that are suited just to their taste! For my friend Amber, I decided on peanut butter and marshamallow fluff sandwich cookies! I used the recipe on Modern Marie for "babysitter cookies" ....and they were so quick and delicious! I made them mini  and just added marshmallow fluff in beteween!
The cute final birthday package!
I fit 9 cookies into a white square box I had in my gift wrapping stash.
..and a sweet note makes the gift complete!