Thursday, August 14, 2008

Old School Parties - Party Number One:

Here are a couple of the first parties that I ever planned. The budgets were small, and I had never designed an event before.Practice makes perfect right? Here they are: The old school parties

The first party is a Hannah Montana party that I threw for a little girl's 7th birthday.

There were about 12 little girls at this party and they all had alot of fun! We played " Pin the sunglasses on Hannah Montana" , "Rockstar disquise relay". They had a snack, colored Hannah Montana coloring pages , and sang karaoke in the "Backstage Lounge". The party also included "Rockstar makeovers" , the girls got their hair streaked, nails painted bright and funky colors, and sparkly makeup applied to their eyes, lips,and cheeks.

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