Friday, August 29, 2008

What's Not To Love About Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson, daughter of Goldie Hawn certainly doesn't need to cash in on the family name to find success. Gifted with brilliant comedic chops, she holds her own next to other comedians like Matthew Mcconaughey, and funny brothers Owen and Luke Wilson. So it comes as no surprise that she will be playing opposite Dane Cook in My Best Friends Girl soon-to-be released to theatres. She ascended to stardom at the age of 21 with the release of the movie Almost Famous ( my FAVORITE movie ) in which she played the iconic role of Penny Lane opposite Patrick Fugit and Billy Crudup. If you didn't know her from Almost Famous, then you most certainly would recognize her from her role opposite Matthew Mcchonaughey in How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days, this movie brought her to the next level of stardom. She is now a household name, with a trademark "hippie chic" style that she demonstrates on the red carpet. This fresh faced starlet is going to keep us laughing for years to come.

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