Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shear Genius Party!

Here they are! Pictures from the Shear Genius party this weekend! Amber ( the beauty school graduate ) was thrilled to see a room filled with pink. Decorations included "blingy" everything... hair shears and combs,makeup compact "picture frames" with pictures of Amber, serving trays, water bottles, even the forks were dripping with bling! A french memo board was placed by the entrance so that Amber's family and friends could leave her a congratulatory message.Hot pink roses sprouted from curvy pink vases, and all the guests enjoyed the pink and white candy buffet! Amber was presented with a hot pink stylist apron to wear at the party. while all the other party guests were asked to wear black and white.As the guests left they could take a pack of pink Extra brand gum from a pink basket with a sign that says "Thanks for adding EXTRA fun!" Everyone had a fantastic time sampling the candy bar, and sipping pink"Shear Genius" cocktails from pink martini glasses. Thankyou so much Shawna for taking these absolutley amazing pictures!

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