Monday, January 26, 2009

Super Bowl Party Tips

People all around the United States are gearing up for Super bowl Sunday which is less than one week away. For the next five days all of my posts are going to be Super Bowl themed. I have compiled some tips to make your Super Bowl shin dig a hit, and combined them with photos by Hostess with the Mostess Jennifer Sbranti. You can view more game day party pictures and much much more at!

1. Position seating and angle screens so that all your guests will have a good view of the big game.

2. Set up a room without a television for partygoers who might be more interested in the social aspect of the party to sit and talk.

3. Keep paper towels and cleaner on hand to quickly clean up messes that may be created during exciting plays.

4. Provide one or two large trash cans around the viewing area in order to keep up with the trash and the game, and hopefully if the trash cans are large enough you may only need to take the trash out once during or after the party.

5. Be sure to keep some more portable snacks like chips and salsa near the viewing area, as well as one or two large coolers with plenty of ice cold beer so that no one has to miss a single play to freshen their beer. ( refill the coolers at halftime )

6. Place a small TV in the hot food area so that guests can get more food without missing a thing!

7. Include healthier menu items alongside traditional Super Bowl snacks.

8. Plan simple and quick recipes for your game day menu so that you will not be a slave to the kitchen on game day.


  1. Go Blue man!!!
    You're number 51 !!!


  2. great ideas!

    i really love all your party posts!