Monday, February 23, 2009

Pink and Green Party Pictures Are Here!

The party was a hit! All of Naomi's (the birthday girl) friends arrived at her house and found themselves in a pink and green wonderland! The first thing the party guests did was take silly pictures in front of a pink and green backdrop. While they played "Jonas Brothers Trivia" and "All About Naomi" we uploaded the pictures to a computer and sent them off to be developed at a local drug store. The kids were starting to get pretty hungry by this time so next it was hot dogs, buffalo wings, and chips. Let me tell you, 12 year olds sure can eat! After lunch , the girls decorated picture frames ( a popular activity ) and before we knew it, it was time to sing Happy Birthday ( in front of a pink and green cake of course ) and open presents. Naomi's birthday guests left with marabou trimmed favor buckets, and picture frames (that they decorated) with a photo of them and the Naomi!...What a blast!  Enjoy the pictures!

Pink and  green gatorade were served alongside water bottles with lime green labels.

Pink and green bandanas were used throughout the party space!
I painted a paper mache "N" that I got  from a craft store with lime green paint, and then used decoupage glue to attach pieces of a photo-copied hot pink bandana.

The pink and green candy buffet was VERY popular!
I used a cupcake stand to hold paper cups filled with green M&Ms.

Pink plastic shot glasses were re-purposed to hold pink and white nerds!
I trimmed pink and green buckets found at Target with marabou!

All the guests went home with lots of goodies and fun memories!

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  1. OMG that party looks GREAT!!!! you are so talented!