Monday, April 13, 2009

Boxed Lunches for Retro Bridal shower

As I was imagining the whole food set-up for this shower, I envisioned boxed lunches. I wasn't sure yet what would go in them , but we needed a way to keep food costs down without sacrificing style or quality. Several ladies were going to arrive hungry , so I knew I had to rise to the occasion. Jenny and I ( the hostess ) decided to order several $5.00 foot-long sandwiches from Subway, we cut them into quarters, speared them with heart picks (Martha Stewart, Walmart) added chips, tied up with yarn , a napkin, and a bride/groom pick and BOOM! Adorable boxed lunches!...Ready to serve!

Boxed lunches stacked neatly on the food table.
I found the cutest bride and groom picks at to decorate the top of each box.
Each row was labeled with the kind of sandwich in each boxed lunch so that guests could choose.
I folded a colorful napkin, and tied up a pick with blue and green yarn.
Here's what the inside of each one looked like.

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