Thursday, June 4, 2009

and playing the role of last minute wedding!

I am not a professional party planner (yet!) , so I sure am not a professional wedding planner either. For now I'm indulging in my hostessing obsession, I enjoy scouring the internet, magazines, anything really for party inspirations and the best recipes. I love how other peoples creativity helps to widen my own, and how I can come up with something different and unexpected because of that inspiration. So, we have established that I am NOT a professional, that being said.....I was asked this past weekend to "help out" at a rehearsal dinner for a wedding that my husband Matt was the best-man in. The bride knew that I had "a thing" for party planning, so she thought I was a good choice. We get there and, it turns out everyone's eyes were on me to basically run the whole show. This was nerve racking for me as I have never planned or coordinated a rehearsal dinner, much less a whole wedding. I decided to rise to the occasion and give it all that I had. I have to say, it was VERY stressful but I learned SO MUCH!
 Here are just a few things I learned:

1. I need to get myself an "emergency kit" with tape, lighters, tea lights, scissors, markers, chalk, double-stick tape, and band-aids ( my poor blistered feet, they didn't deserve to be in such pain...but they sure looked cute!

2. WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES will be running around ALOT to make sure that everything is on schedule and everyone is on the same page.

3. I wore a bright yellow top , which seemed to work out well for me because if the caterer or photographer needed me for anything, I was easy to spot.

4. I also learned a handy little trick: pre- light the candles to melt the wax off of the wick so that when you need to light the candles quickly (say I dunno about 50 of them in roughly 10 minutes) it won't take as long. This trick is especially for weddings when it comes to the unity candle.  

Anyhow, that was my recent experience. I hope to have some photos soon....there was sort of a rustic apple theme.

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