Monday, November 2, 2009

Hello Holidays!

Well well's that time of year once again. It's almost time to preheat the oven for the turkey, bust out your famous pumpkin recipes, and spend time with family and friends! I have to frequently remind myself to not forget about Thanksgiving every year. Christmas is just the best! I love the gift wrapping, the lights, the musics, and all of the holiday events that allow you to slow down and reconnect with people you haven't seen all year.  This year I am roasting a pre-Thanksgiving Turkey at my house to celebrate before I celebrate with the rest of my extended family on Thanksgiving day. The menu is coming together nicely. This will be the first year I put something like this together but I am excited! I plan to find a few affordable  touches to make the table look fantastic! I would also love to make these turkey pops that I posted about last year! Get out your rolling pins and roasting pans....thanksgiving is almost here!

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