Thursday, December 10, 2009

Layer Cake Shop Christmas Lovelies!

Layer Cake Shop is FULL of ADORABLE baking compliments! My favorite part of the site to browse is the cake topper section. I can bake simple cupcakes from a box, add colorful frosting, and top with something festive and kitschy ....and I no longer have plain cupcakes...I have CUPCAKES!!! Check out this cuteness!
Oh tinsel tree ! Oh tinsel tree! How lovely are you branches!
Mmmmm peppermint cupcakes! top with a mini version of a Christmas classic and instant cute!
Layer Cake Shop is filled with all kinds of cute tags for pastry bags and boxes!
I can just picture these train toppers individually on cupcakes surrounding a mini Christmas tree!
Now Bake away, bake away, bake away all!!!

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