Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hostess Gifts from Fred Flare!

Hostess gifts are something I want to start bringing to the get-togethers that I attend. Just a nice way to say thank you. Thank you for cleaning your home just for me, thank you for slaving over a delicious meal, thank you for the handmade origami crane decorations...I noticed all of that....and it meant a a lot! Plus searching out adorable hostess gifts is just another excuse to shop and purchase! Or you could always make a sweet little something wether it be in the kitchen or in your craft room!....and that's just another excuse to create!

1. ice cream kitchen timer. Everyone needs a kitchen timer for eggs or tea, why not have one that looks like icecream?

2. 5 minute candle pack. Handy for the all the time party maker to have in her purse. A birthday candle match book....perfect!

3. Yes, these adorable ladies are indeed umbrellas! You may not need umbrellas while you are entertaining in your home but those flowers are not going to pick themselves up from the florist rain or shine just in time for the big event!

Find these and other perfect hostess gifts at Fred Flare!

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