Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cocktail Garnish Tricks

There is a more clever way to garnish your festive cocktails than to place a lemon wedge on the rim. Try a few of these tricks to spice up those same-old party drinks! The second picture shows a lovely cucumber bloom, this is MUCH EASIER than you may think. Simply cut the tips of the cucumber (each cucumber with yield two garnishes)above the actual "meat" of the vegetable creating petal-like rounded edges, after you have removed the tip from the vegetable,there are two options, you can either make a small slit in the bottom and place it on the rim of the glass or just float the "bloom" in you festive cocktail.

To create the garnish in the bottom photo: cut a green or red apple (red apple with a red cherry would be festive for a Christmas party) on the side at 1/4 inch thickness, (you should be able to get about 4 garnishes out of 1 apple)place these slices in a bowl filled with lemon-lime soda to keep them from turning brown.After you have completed slicing all of the apples, take each slice individually and make a small round cut into the "meat"(leave the peel in tact) just large enough to hold a maricino cherry. All that is left after you have made your round cuts into the apples is to place a cherry in each, cut a very small slit in the bottom and place on the rim.


  1. If I had drinking parties I would definelty try those little cocktail garnishs'.... super cute. Your web site really does have it all. After I give birth I will try it!

  2. i am gonna do this on coming weekends

  3. I'm definately doing the apple one for my party!