Monday, July 26, 2010

The cutest little truck party you've ever seen!

Hi there! I'm super excited to share this absolutely precious truck birthday party I came across on Smile and Wave. Rachel Denbow is a crazy creative mommy of two, and she came up with this simple but oh-so-cute party for her son Sebastian's birthday.
Let's start with the invitations!
She made these amazing postcard invites just using card stock, graph paper, and some layered washi tape! She made all of these with things she just had on hand and they came out so cute!
Inspiration for sure!

The cute doesn't stop with the invited either...the food table looks just as good ( and might I add healthy too! )

This is my favorite touch! Duct tape garland!! The woman is a genius!
I'm not sure when but I am all over this idea for a future bash!
Such a simple and inventive idea , especially since you can get duct tape in all sorts of festive colors these days!
This party is downright perfect!
Check out some more of Rachel's ingenius ideas at Smile and Wave!


  1. I like the invites! Super cute idea.


  2. Hi there! I linked over through Celebrations at Home, and love this! There was obviously a lot of creativity that went into this party!